How to Make a Too-Small Jumpsuit Fit (Too Big, Crotch) Update 05/2022

When the fit is incorrect. Isn’t that how it works with clothing? You locate a piece of clothing with the perfect color or pattern, but when you try it on, it needs some adjustments. You can either learn how to make the adjustments or leave it on the rack for someone else to use.

Baste the cloth and baste everything you can to make a jumpsuit fit your body style. At an important event, you don’t want to be leaping around like a twitchy cat attempting to repair your crotch.

Continue reading our post to understand how to adjust a jumpsuit so that it makes you look like a sophisticated lady. It goes to great measures to offer the correct information so that you don’t appear to have ants in your pants while wearing it.

Can a Jumpsuit be Altered?

A jumpsuit is much like any other piece of apparel. Its fabric is stretchy and may be be shortened, lengthened, or even made wider depending on the situation. The key is to get the measurements right before you start making the changes.

There are four major locations where the jumpsuit can be tweaked to make it look more form-fitting or at the very least more comfortable to wear.

1. The arms and legs are the most visible areas where changes can be made. If desired, both can be shortened, lengthened, or even eliminated. If needed, the arms can be dropped to provide you extra breathing room.
2. Add a zipper to make it easy to get into and out of the garment. It will also add a bit additional fabric where it is most needed.
3. Change the neckline to reflect your new mindset. If you want the jumpsuit to flatter you more, make changes to this area.
4. Waistline – which can have an impact on the crotch. A small amount of taking in will also flatter your figure and make the jumpsuit more appealing. When done correctly, it may also allow a little extra area for your crotch.

Can You Alter the Crotch of a Jumpsuit?


On a pair of jumpsuits, the crotch zone can be changed. It only takes a little practice to get the adjustment just right. Make sure you leave additional length on the rise as one of the things to watch out for.

Then you must ensure that there is enough fabric available to avoid the appearance of a camel toe when you put it on. Taller or bigger women face this risk. The excess fabric may make you look like you’re wearing a diaper on petite women.

To make it fit better and eliminate such clothing dangers, some expert sewers perform a lot of basting in the crotch area. The key is to make sure you have enough fabric to do what you want with the crotch area.

Altering a Jumpsuit Crotch


Even for a skilled tailor, adjusting the crotch and getting it to fit perfectly is a challenging task. There are numerous dangers, and the fabric may refuse to cooperate at times.

If you go to a tailor or even a skilled seamstress, you should expect to pay a lot of money for their services. There will be a significant time commitment, and getting the crotch just perfect takes a great deal of practice, which you will have to pay for.

If you want a professional job done, expect to pay more than $50. If you have the experience, set aside a significant amount of time where you will not be disturbed. If you baste the crotch in, you may only gain an inch in length, which may be insufficient.

That is why some people either return or neglect to modify their jumpsuits. Wearing the outfit is not worth the effort required.

How to Shorten Crotch in a Jumpsuit

Here’s one technique to make the crotch of your jumpsuit shorter:

Step 1: Separate the crotch seam from the inseam. Make sure to open up at least twice as much fabric as you will require.
Step 2: Take in about an inch on the inside of each inner leg seam rather than opening the inseam.
Step 3: Create your new seams by aligning the fabric as best you can. Then, to reduce bulk, remove any surplus fabric you won’t need.
Step 4: Finish by sewing the new seams to the inseam.

If it doesn’t work, bast everything you see until you find the perfect fit for your body. Remember that you will be sitting in this jumpsuit, so make sure you account for it.

Jumpsuit Crotch Too High


This is why tailors are so expensive. It takes some effort to lower the crotch because it is not as simple as opening up the seams and letting the fabric out. There might not be much fabric to let out at the seam.

You may only have 3/4 to 1 inch of fabric to work with at times. It is feasible to install a crotch piece that will not significantly alter the rise or loosen the seat. The crotch component should lower the crotch to a more comfortable size.

Just to be clear, the word “crotch piece” refers to men’s apparel. The term “gusset” is related with female changes. When speaking with a tailor or seamstress, getting the terms right will save you some time and confusion.

How to Alter a Jumpsuit That is Too Big

Regular sewing procedures, like they do on other articles of clothing that require adjusting, can sometimes work successfully on jumpsuits. All you have to do if your waist is too big is take it in.

If you need to shorten the leg, a little hemming, just like on an ordinary pair of pants, would suffice. The same is true for the arms, but they may require a little more work, which could increase the cost if you hire specialists to conduct the task.

It takes a lot of effort to transform a man’s jumpsuit into something that can be worn by a woman. To make that jumpsuit look more feminine, a few tweaks are required.

A detailed tutorial can be found here. It’s simply too long to summarize and post here. The article includes illustrations to help you see what has to be done if you’re working on a similar project.

How to Take in a Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit may startle individuals since it merges two pieces of clothing into one. That is why individuals have difficulty making minor modifications to one piece of clothing whereas they can do so without thinking about it on a simpler garment.

The first step is to determine how much fabric from the jumpsuit you want to remove. Simply put on the jumpsuit and pinch the fabric at your waist until you achieve the desired fit. Then, with a tape measure between your fingertips, measure the fabric.

The second step is to use a seam ripper to remove any stitching in the waist. Inside out the jumpsuit, pin the excess fabric to the seam. Then sew it in place with a straight stitch.

After that, seal the hole you created and you should be set to go. This is only one method, and your jumpsuit may or may not function in the same way as this example.

Can You Make a Jumpsuit Bigger?

Yes, it is possible to make a jumpsuit larger, and it does not necessitate intricate calculations or pattern creation. Replacing the existing zipper with a new one is the simplest technique to make a jumpsuit larger.

That small adjustment can add an inch of new cloth to the jumpsuit. Plus, it won’t take long to complete. If you wish, you can wear your changed jumpsuit the same day. Lowering the hem on arms and legs will make them longer.

Then you can see whether there is any selvage you can use to give the jumpsuit more inside space. You don’t need to scream a much. A fraction of an inch can make a huge difference.

Simply look for spots where you can add a little cloth without having to spend a lot of sewing, trimming, and so on.

How to Alter a Jumpsuit That is Too Small


This stitching activity will be determined by the areas of the jumpsuit that are too small. A crotch piece can be added to the smaller crotch for men, and a gusset can be added to the smaller crotch for women.

You can always slide your armpit down a little to make extra room for your arms, as well as your chest area. Undoing the hem and letting the cloth out will quickly cover the gap if the sleeves are too short.

The length of the legs would be the same as the arms. Simply undo the hem and let the fabric to fall to the desired length. A adjustment in the neckline should solve the problem when the shortness appears at the shoulders.

It’s better to sit down and talk with a professional seamstress to acquire a list of all the things you can do to get that favorite jumpsuit to fit properly again. Sometimes all it takes is a small amount of selvage to get the jumpsuit to fit.

Can You Alter a Jumpsuit Into a Dress?


Wearing a jumpsuit might appeal to you. After all, the appropriate colors and patterns may make a physique look great. Unfortunately, when you try one on, you will see that it does not look as good on you as it does on someone else. Don’t lose faith.

It is feasible to transform the jumpsuit into a lovely dress that will make everyone in the room envious of your good looks. Because the procedure may take some time, make sure you set aside enough time to focus solely on your new project.

Unless you want to make a little dress out of your jumpsuit. All you have to do now is hem the legs and snip them off. When it comes to modifying a jumpsuit, that’s as easy as it gets.

As you will see, a standard dress will take a little longer.

How to Alter a Jumpsuit Into a Dress

Not everyone is a fan of jumpsuits. Even the ones you find that you like in terms of color, style, or pattern. A jumpsuit is inappropriate for some people. But before you toss it away or donate it to a thrift store, consider following the steps below to make it into a stylish dress.

A seam ripper, scissors, thread, pins, and a sewing machine are all necessary tools. You should be ready to go once you’ve gathered everything, and don’t forget the jumpsuit.

Step 1: Remove the hem, inner leg, and crotch seams using the seam ripper. As a result of this labor, you now have something that appears to be lacking a middle component.
Step 2: Put the jumpsuit on from the inside out. You should assess how much extra fabric you have that could be transformed into a garment. You should also check how the outfit fits around your hips.
Step 3: Pull the front of the legs toward you by pinning them together. The most challenging aspect of this step is keeping the crotch flat when pinning. After you’ve finished with the front, move on to the back.
Step 4: Sew the legs together along the pins’ line. The challenge here is limiting the size of the pucker that appears as you sew. This pucker will appear where the prior legs meet the crotch at the top of the seam.
Step 5: Try on the jumpsuit from the inside out. Make any changes you think are necessary. Trim any unnecessary fabric from the inside of the seam you just finished.

One thing to keep in mind is that the wider the jumpsuit leg, the more excess fabric you’ll have.

Step 6 involves hemming the jumpsuit dress to a length that is comfortable for you to wear. Before sewing, trim any extra and iron a double hem. When you’ve finished pinning, stitch.

This is how a jumpsuit becomes a dress. It will take some time, and you may be frustrated by the puckers or billowing, but if you are patient enough, you will succeed.

How Much Does it Cost to Alter a Jumpsuit?

When this type of question is asked, the answer will depend. The cost is determined on what you want changed and who is doing the changing. The prices will not be consistent across the country. Tailors, for example, may charge more than seamstresses.

The cost of a basic ankle hem at one tailor starts at $15. If you want your waist or arms slimmed, the cost rises to between $25 and $50. After that, the cost will be determined by the amount of work you want done to ensure that the jumpsuit fits your body and avoids any problems associated with having too little or too much fabric.

The best thing to do is call around to see what people in your area charge for a specific change. The statistics above are only a rough estimate of the costs involved.

Final Thoughts

Jumpsuits have had their day, but with the correct alterations, they can be worn again. If you have the talent, the time, and the money, you can change jumpsuits to fit your new body type.

Why toss out old clothes when they can be repaired, made to appear fresh again, and altered to flatter your body?

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