The Gemini Die Cutting Machine is being reviewed Update 05/2022

If you enjoy quilting and being creative but find that part of the work is tiresome and takes up time that you would rather spend using your skills, an electric cutting machine is one method to make your hobby more efficient.

If you’re looking for a die cutting machine, the Gemini Die Cutting Machine is one of your best choices.

Many individuals tire of using a hand-crank machine, and if you’re one of them, this could be the ideal answer for you. This die cutter and embosser is a rapid and silent twin-function machine.

The Gemini is an excellent instrument for creating the high-quality crafts that every craftsman, particularly quilters, desires. It can be used for scrapbooking, card making, home decor, and other ornamental and creative projects, in addition to fabric embellishments.

We’ll go over all of the features and aspects of this device in this review. You will know if this is the appropriate product for you after reading this review.

Basic Description

This machine features a big cutting platform with a base, metal, and clear cutting plates (9′′ x 12.5′′ each), a magnetic and plastic shim, a rubber embossing mat, 3 embossing folders, 16 cutting dies, a user guide, and a power wire.

It measures 14 x 8 x 6.5 inches and weighs 15.23 pounds when fully assembled. While this may appear to be a heavy machine, the weight of the machine ensures that it remains stable while in use.

Steel rollers produce maximum pressure in this machine, allowing you to achieve the precision you desire in your designs. Your fabrics or materials can transform from ordinary to tastefully embellished in just 17 seconds.

Because of its low profile, the Gemini allows you to save more workspace than other machines. The platform’s size allows it to cut A4 and 8.5′′ x 11′′ materials cleanly from edge to edge.

This cutting machine’s high-pressure capacity allows it to cut intricate dies on a range of materials, including thick card stock, vinyl, foil, 6 layers of cotton, felt, foam, acetate, brass metal, mount board, cardboard, and more.


The machine has a pause, resume, and reverse button that allows you to work quickly while checking for errors. This feature is also useful in the event that you mistakenly feed too much material into the machine.

In this situation, the machine will halt and reverse the plates to avoid putting too much pressure on the machine or your material, which could shatter it.

If you need to run another pass on a complicated die without reloading the machine, the reverse option comes in handy. However, unlike other machines, the Gemini is quite effective after the initial go-through, so you won’t need to run your materials through it a second or third time as often as you would with manual machines.

Easy to Use

People enjoy how simple it is to use this cutting machine and how much complexity you can add to your quilting designs that you couldn’t do by hand.

If manual die cutting machines weary your arms out, you’ll enjoy how simple this electric machine is.

One button is all it takes to start this machine, which is ideal for persons with arthritis or other hand issues.

The Gemini machine also allows you to cut multiple colors and dies at once, which saves you a lot of time.


The Gemini is capable of working with a wide range of dies and embossing folders. It is designed for intricate work, but you may also use it for simpler projects. Its adaptability allows you to ditch any previous tools you were using to accomplish the outcomes you wanted.

Most dies and embossing folders are compatible with this machine, so you don’t have to be careful about the accessories you buy.

If you have Cricut Cuttlebug Dies, for example, you may use them with this machine, and Craftwell 8.5 x 11 embossing folders are also compatible. If you have a back stock of these things that you don’t want to squander, this can help you save money.


The opening of this machine is large enough that you may add shims and plates to the feeder to increase the pressure on your die.

The included plastic shim is for increasing pressure, the magnetic shim is for keeping metal dies in place, and the metal shim is for increasing pressure or creating a stronger cut for intricate dies.

Despite being electric, this machine is extremely quiet. Furthermore, because one pass-through takes less than 20 seconds, the noise it does create does not last long. It doesn’t produce nearly as much noise as one might think from an electric machine.

gemini crafters companion



Only a few flaws exist with this machine. First, several consumers have claimed that after some use, the plates begin to warp. The plate warping is very little if you make sure to flip and rotate the sandwich consistently when using it.

Furthermore, because it is a large machine, it is difficult to use and store on a regular basis, and it is not something you would take with you when traveling.

It’s ideal to find a spot to leave it out and mark that space as your specific crafting area, or keep it in a storage room close to where you want to use it so you don’t have to move it too far.

Because this equipment is electric, you must select a location where it may be used that has an electrical outlet nearby. However, because of its sleek appearance, many users are happy to exhibit it and do not bother to store it when not in use.

Finally, steel rule dies will not fit in the Gemini due to the aperture being too small. However, given the variety of materials available, this tiny flaw should not stop you from purchasing this product.

Final Thoughts

This machine is an investment, but if you are a dedicated quilter, it is well worth the money. The remarkable quality of this machine, according to users, is well worth the price.

It will save you time and energy while allowing you to finish work without the manual labor you are accustomed to.

Many people have found this machine to be so entertaining that they continue to try out all of the features it has to offer. More Build-A-BlockTM dies are available from Gemini, allowing you to design and build a variety of block layouts.

With the excellent customer service provided by the product’s producers, you can feel secure in your purchase, knowing that the company stands behind their product and is willing to assist you if you have any issues.

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